My Covid Realizations

Is this done yet? When is this going to be over? Yep. I hear ya!

It has been quite a shift we’ve been going through and I can’t believe it has been 6 weeks since I stopped working at the physio clinic and the kids stopped going to school.

I totally get that it feels like a long haul.

And…there has been so much good that has also come of this time for the world and for me personally.

I say this while also being sensitive and respectful of those who have lost loved ones during this time. I know what it is like to lose someone that you love dearly so my heart is with those who are going through that experience now.

I thought I would share what I have realized as I have had time to turn inward and become aware of patterns that I was unconscious of.

The first realization I’ve had is where I have been giving my power away. What I mean by that is feeling victim to a situation that I couldn’t change because I didn’t know how and also not listening to my own intuition and knowing but looking for my answers outside of me instead.

Here is what I have learned from having that awareness. One of the reasons we don’t change something we are not happy about is because we don’t know how. We think that we have to know the how before we can choose to change it.

What I now see really clearly is that that is ass-backwards. The truth is that once we decide, once we choose to change something we don’t like, the how shows up. We must choose first.

In addition, I would also say that once we choose to make a change, it’s so important to ask for help from humans and also cosmic support. We don’t have to figure things out on our own. If we ask and then allow ourselves to receive, it feels so much better.

I was giving my power away to a situation because I couldn’t see how to do things differently. Once I decided that I was no longer willing to keep going in the same way, to choose differently for myself, the situation changed almost immediately. That’s how powerful we are!

I have also come to know just how important it is for me to listen to my intuition and guidance. I was doing it before but this is now at a much deeper level. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity in order for me to live the way I desire. I know that I must do things my way and not according to what others might think, even if it’s weird, even if it ruffles some feathers. It is non-negotiable.

And the last piece I will share is how necessary and mandatory self-care is. Nothing works well without it, not business, not health, not family, not anything. Why? Because everything is energy and we are creating our realities with our vibrational frequency aka how we feel. It is an inside out job.

Being very sensitive energetically, I have realized just how much I need to take care of my mind, body and spirit. I have spent the last week cleansing my beliefs, my emotions, my energy system and my physical body.

I begin every day with my spiritual/energy practice and then move onto moving my body and getting outside. And no, I don’t help my kids with any questions they have about school work until I have taken care of myself first. They now even know not to ask until I am ready. I can then be with them in a state of fullness and it goes waaaaaay better.

The invitation, should you choose to accept it is, have a look at where you may be giving your power away to a situation or person believing that you can’t change it. What if you decide what you want instead and choose to discover a way. Ask for assistance and see what magic unfolds.

Begin listening to your gut more. Be willing to take action on what your gut tells you and see what happens. Make it a fun experiment because we are here to enjoy our lives, aren’t we?

And last but not least, how’s your self care going? I get that it has been a stressful time for many and that comfort foods, alcohol and a whole lotta Netflix or Amazon Prime have been the flavour of the day.

I did it too, except for the alcohol part. Although there was that 1 bottle of Prosecco…

Here’s the thing. I reached for those things thinking they would make me feel good and they didn’t. Sugar and gluten make me feel anxious. And binge watching Netflix always makes me tired. So I decided to choose to feel good instead and make that my flavour of the day. Now I know that is what works for me and it doesn’t float everyone’s boat but find what your truth is. Listen to your gut about what feeds your life force energy and do that. Or not. We get to choose.

I hope you are keeping well and please receive a big virtual hug from me. I believe that we are going to come out of this time better than ever. We are changed for sure and I am excited about what gets to happen next!

Much love,


What has been helping me during this time…

It is quite the time we are currently in. I truly hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Anxieties and fears are running high. Some say that this pandemic of fear is actually worse than the virus itself. Whether that is true or not, what isn’t arguable is that fear is being felt a lot in the collective.

Being an energetically sensitive person, I feel the collective a lot so I am quite shocked that I have been feeling as calm as I have. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my moments but overall, I have been pretty grounded.

So I thought I would share some of the things that I believe have helped me be in this state of relative peace. I realize we are all different and what works for me might not work for you so take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

In addition to using my energy tools multiple times throughout the day to stay centred, grounded and connected, there are 3 other factors that have assisted me.

The first one is acceptance. I have accepted that this virus is here and we have to do what’s necessary to prevent the spread. No, acceptance does not mean that I have to like it. I do not like it but I have accepted that this is our current human reality.

The opposite of acceptance is resistance. There is a fight against what is because we don’t like it and it is a form of protection. The problem with resistance is that it acts like a boulder in a river, impeding the flow, causing turbulence and a feeling of stuckness. Resistance takes us out of universal flow and it feels hard. It shows up in my body as tension and it definitely doesn’t feel good.

Judgement is a form of resistance. Judging this experience, other people and ourselves is trying to protect ourselves in some way and it resists what is. Everyone is doing the best that they can right now and judgement just isn’t helpful.

So acceptance instead of resistance and judgement has helped me feel more at ease.

The second factor that has helped a lot is presence, both being in the present moment and presence with myself and others.

My mentor, Jennifer Hough, has described anxiety as worrying about something happening in the future but feeling as if it is happening now. I have taken my focus off of the future and have really been living day to day right now. I am planning a few things but nothing too far off into the future because at this point, even tomorrow is unknown with how fast things are changing.

Presence with myself has involved checking in with myself multiple times throughout the day. It is taking a pause to see how I’m doing. What do I need? To eat, drink more water, move my body, ground, centre, rest?

Being present with yourself allows you to be more present with your loved ones. It allows us to really listen to understand and be fully with another which deepens our connection to each other.

The third factor is one that I have struggled with a fair bit in my life. I didn’t have a religious or spiritual upbringing and it wasn’t until my Mom passed 17 years ago that I began on my spiritual path. So having faith or trust in a Higher Power, be it God, Universe, Source, is something that I have had to work at.

I am finding myself in such a deeply rooted place of faith and trust in the Divine and my own divinity. I trust that we are being taken care of and guided on our way forward. I can’t tell you why this is at this time, and again, I am kind of surprised by it. One thing I have been doing since January is beginning my day with the mantra “I trust myself and I trust life.” I don’t know if this has been the difference but I thought I would share it with you any way.

And if don’t trust or have faith in a Higher Power, I totally get it. I didn’t for years. This is an amazing time to get curious about it and gather your own evidence. Everyone has a cosmic team made up of angels, ascendant masters etc. You don’t have to know who they are or feel their presence. They are there to help you but you must ask for their assistance. I ask my team to show me the way forward, to show me if I am on the right track. And then look for “synchronicities” and “coincidences” and signs to show up. When they do, keep an evidence log of them so that you can build your own faith that you are receiving divine assistance.

In summary, acceptance, presence and faith have really helped me in this time of great unknown and unchartered territory. The unknown is typically uncomfortable and feels scary. What I do know, is that the unknown is where the magic lies and if we lean in instead of trying to protect ourselves from it, some pretty amazing things can happen. If we stop looking for something to hold onto, stop resisting and instead bob with the flow of the river, our way forward will be with more ease.

I wish you a lot of love and grace over the coming weeks. Be gentle with yourself and others as we each find our way, doing the best that we can. The way through is with open hearts, compassion and acceptance for ourselves and others. That is the vaccination for this pandemic of fear. We will move through this together.

Much love to you,


Are you choosing fully?

Fully choose.

As my mentor, Jennifer Hough, says, there are no mistakes, only redirects.

100% commitment is Heaven. 99% is Hell.

Being 100% committed means that you don’t hum and haw about doing something. You just do it without all the questioning.

That 1% is doubt, constantly second guessing yourself. It’s the voice yipping at you to not get it “wrong”. I feel agitated and frenzied just writing it.

It also acts as a potential escape route if things get tough. That’s a good thing, right?


Struggle and suffering is having one foot on either side of the fence.

Choose and then let go of the past and knowing if this is “right” or not.

The magic lies in the not knowing.

Having played the gotta get it right game most of my life, I know this one really well. And well, not being fully in really sucks.

I also know being afraid of choosing and being disappointed, being afraid of being judged or hurt. So I get the hesitation and the procrastination. But in the end, not choosing fully is hurting myself.

Choose with discernment. Listen to your gut. Choose what your heart desires, not the shoulds and have tos.

Be fully in even though all the steps ahead aren’t clear and you may not know the way. The way will reveal itself.

And yes, this something I have to remind myself of often.

Jump and the net will appear.

Scary? You bet.

Worth it? Absolutely.

Much love,


What is Self-Abandonment?

Here’s what self-abandonment is for me.

Abandoning myself is when I am abandoning my true nature. It is when I don’t listen to or trust my own knowing, intuition, body, heart.

It is when I make choices motivated by my limiting thoughts and fears instead of making choices that are aligned with what is true for me.

When I perceive being abandoned in my outer world, I look within and am curious about how I am abandoning myself and then choose differently.

Instead of reacting to the perceived abandonment that is showing up in my life and being taken out by it, I see that it is an invitation instead to get quiet, go within and hear what my soul knows and what it is asking from me.

That’s the practice. That’s how I change the pattern.

The abandonment is coming up to leave so I try not to engage with it. I get out of its way and let it leave.

At the root of abandonment is the belief that you are not enough. And when we believe that, we don’t listen to ourselves because the answer must be outside of us. Right?

Nope. Not true.

So abandonment presenting is also an invitation to give myself love and compassion because that little child version of me is believing that she is not enough and is hurting.

Loving ourselves enough to listen to our own knowing is the way.

The answers are there.

Much love,


Giving is Never OK at the Cost of Your Wellbeing

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Andrew Koppejan and Maxi Miciak on their Ignite Physio Podcast about Understanding the Cause of Burnout by sharing my journey and what I learned along the way.

This isn’t just for physiotherapists. We see burnout a fair bit in the healthcare professions but it definitely isn’t limited to that space. I have had coaching clients in burnout who were stay at home moms.

Being a parent, a coach, a teacher, a caregiver to parents and other roles have the same underlying thread of us caring and desiring to be of help.

And it’s also for high achievers who are are overwhelmed and exhausted from doing it all and it is costing their health and wellbeing. There is another way.

Here are some points we touch on:

– My description of the stages of my burnout, and the behaviours I’ve had since youth that were causing it.

– Why being out of touch with my body, habitual beliefs, and living with chronic stress resulted in a dysregulated nervous system, and why giving myself full permission to truly rest was needed to regulate it again.

– How engaging in self-care activities won’t matter if your internal beliefs are still driving the behaviours that create burnout.

– Why taking on responsibility for others‘ well-being depleted my energy and led to burnout.

– Understanding the deeper causes of pain, such as headaches and back-pain caused by stress and anxiety.

– How I have changed how I work with patients and coaching clients.

Click here for the link and it is available on iTunes as well under Ignite Physio EP. 52.
If this resonates with you and you want to discuss it further, I’d be happy to do so. Email me at .

And if you are a physiotherapist, I highly recommend checking out Ignite Physio and all the amazing free resources available on their website and subscribing to their podcast on iTunes.

Much love,


What does love have to do with longevity?



This past weekend, I turned 50. The big 5-0. A half century.

I’ll admit I got a little caught up in the hype that society puts on turning 50.

My eldest daughter, Sophia, even said “Mom, I want to do even more things together. You know, while you still can.”

Society tells us that it is all downhill from here. Your body will start falling apart if it hasn’t already. It’s quite the belief system.

And then there’s my little one, Julianna, who said “I am sad that you’re turning 50 Mom. I don’t want you to die in 50 years!”

I kinda like her perspective, don’t you?

Here’s the thing. Age is what you believe it to be. To me, it really is just a number. It’s not a reflection of where you are in life. Some people are grandparents at 50 whereas others, like myself, still have kids in elementary school.

Some people have grey hair in their 30s whereas I only have a few at 50.

We get to choose our perspective about age and ageing.

My dad turns 78 this January. He continues to ride his road bike every summer and despite having “slowed down” (his words), he managed to get his 1000 miles in before he had to put his bike away.

Seriously, that is 1000 miles more than I rode!

He is not letting his age define what he can and can’t do.

Years ago, I was at a talk by Gregg Braden. He is a scientist and was fascinated by people who live to be over 100 years old. He travelled the world and interviewed many of them, asking them what they believed was the “secret” to their longevity. They all said that it was the love in their hearts, be it love for their family or love for humanity in general.

The human heart is actually built to last 120 years. Really. Have that be your belief instead of life is downhill after 50 because what you believe, you conceive.

So why do so many people die much earlier? We are buying into society’s perspective and we are dying of broken hearts.

What is breaking our hearts, is not allowing ourselves to be with and feel our emotions. Not opening our hearts for fear of getting hurt. Keeping walls up to protect ourselves.

Emotions are meant to move. They are energies in motion. But we often don’t let ourselves feel them because they are uncomfortable and we judge them and ourselves. We think it isn’t safe to feel.

Or we feel them but keep them from moving through us because we keep holding onto them, making up a story about them, making them mean something that isn’t even true.

The problem is that these emotions stay stuck and stagnant in our bodies and cause dysfunction and disease.

Loving requires an open heart. Giving and receiving requires and open heart. And yes, we may open ourselves up to being hurt but we also open ourselves up to giving and receiving even more love.

I really believe that is what we are here to do and giving/receiving even more love is required for humanity to shift and change. It’s required for humanity to continue to exist.

So whether you are looking at it from a personal perspective about your own health and well being or from a more global perspective about shifting humanity, it is so important that we take down the walls, open our hearts and allow ourselves to feel.

I get that it may not feel safe and you may not know how to do that, especially if you were taught that it is bad to express your emotions. I didn’t know. I didn’t even know that I had walls up. But I’ve learned what to do and now I help others do the same in a safe space with kindness and compassion.

If this resonates with you and you are desiring to open your heart even more, to live a longer and richer life, find someone like myself or someone else who can help you.

It’s important. It is necessary and it will allow you to truly live the rest of your life, however long it may be, instead of trying to survive it.

Stepping Into Your Greatness


When I realized the gift that I am


Did you know that there is a reason you are here on this planet?

Often people refer to this as your purpose and then spend so much time in search of that purpose.

I did, for sure.

And then I realized that my purpose and your purpose is to be the gift that we are, to be all of the truth of who we really are.

Then from that place, we get to do some really cool shit.

The crazy thing is that you have always been the gift that you are, you just didn’t realize it.

What the heck am I talking about when I say the gift that you are?

YOU, in your uniqueness, is the gift.

You have a unique Essence, skills and character traits that are like no other.

The gift that you are is different from the gift that I am.

I remember the moment when I realized I was a gift. I was sitting around a table with 13 other souls on retreat with Jennifer Hough and the Wide Awakening.

Everyone around that table saw the gift that I am. It took an immense amount of effort to get me to see it.

Why? Because I didn’t believe that the gift that I was was very special.

I have a huge heart and an immense capacity to love. I feel A LOT which allows me to love the way I do.

I thought everybody loves the way I do because it comes so naturally to me. I didn’t think it was a thing and therefore not very special.

So when I asked “doesn’t everyone love like I do?” the response I received was a resounding “NO!!!!!!”

This literally has changed my life. It has allowed me to relax into my beingness and stop trying to prove that I am enough. I am already the gift.

Just being me is enough. Period. And it’s what I am here to be and so are you.

I know that when shit is going sideways, I am not in my heart or being the love that I am. I am back listening to my Ego instead of my Truth and believing in my limitedness.

Talk about great feedback!

So back to the gift you are.

If you don’t know what your uniqueness is, start by having a look at what comes to you so easily that you don’t even think it is a thing. What do others compliment you on? What could you do all day, every day even if you didn’t get paid for it? What lights you up and feels amazeballs?

Start asking yourself these questions and also ask GUS (God/Universe/Source) to show you the gift that you are.

If you do know the gift that you are, are you being it fully or are you guarding yourself in some way?

I just had the realization this week that I am guarding myself from being all of me. Why? Because being all of me is kinda out there and I know that there are some who are going to think I am some kind of freak.

But I also know that not being that fully is hurting me. It’s literally showing up as pain, tension and dysfunction in my body. It’s blocking my capacity to give and receive. It’s blocking abundance. It’s limiting the magic that is possible. And if Glenda the Good Witch is saying it, it’s got to be true:)

I’m being shown how to be all of my galactic witchy self. I am being shown how to bring the love that I know to be possible in other dimensions through to this 3D one.

I’m being shown, one step at a time.

Are you ready to embrace your greatness? If you don’t, your soul will speak to you through body pain, tension, dysfunction and disease, telling you that you are not in alignment with your Truth.

If you do, It will change your life and allow abundance to flow even more. When you are aligned with the truth of who you are, that’s what happens.

Do you feel like you are meant for more? Listen to that feeling. It’s telling you that you are. And the way is being the gift that you are.

It’s time. The world needs you.

If you’re ready and you want guidance in being your true self, you don’t have to do it alone. Assisting people being their true selves in my jam. It is part of the gift that I am. Contact me at and let’s chat.

Much love,


Dolphin Wisdom



Did you know that dolphins are one of the most intelligent beings on the planet?

And they are also highly intuitive and closely in tune with  their instincts.

What are one of the most intelligent and highly intuitive beings experts at?


I am freshly back from a retreat in Mexico with my Wings family (The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough) and felt drawn to share the dolphin medicine I received on my trip.

There were dolphins close to where we were staying and we were to spend some time with then and see what messages they had for us.

Here’s what they said to me:

“You haven’t forgotten how to play. Connection is play for you. Playing together is more fun.”

Dolphins know how important and necessary play is. It’s not just something you do every now and then or just on the weekends. Their days are infused with play.

For me, I’ve been a studious and serious gal a lot of my life, trying to get things right. So PLAY was a 4 letter word for me. It triggered me and my ego would tell me that I didn’t know how to play, only work hard, which keeps you in survival mode instead of enjoying your life.

And I was definitely in survival mode prior to my trip. My body was giving me all the signs that I was relating to my situation incongruently. I hurt my lower back a week before my trip and then got “sick” on my way to Mexico. I definitely wasn’t in my heart and I definitely wasn’t playing. I had forgotten and allowed my external environment to dictate my feelings and actions.

So the dolphin’s wisdom for me definitely hit home.

My perspective of play was also out of alignment. What I realized while away is what play actually is for me – CONNECTION. It’s connection with humans and with my cosmic friends.

Since I’ve been back home, I have also realized that play isn’t just something I “do”. It is also a frequency that I can infuse into all that I do.

I can infuse play into my work, into my family life, into tending to my home, into conversations with people…

Play is more about how I am feeling. Play raises my vibration, increases my frequency.

Your frequency creates your reality. So if your frequency creates your reality and play increases your frequency, can you see how important it is to infuse play into every day?

I now realize that it is non-negotiable for me. Play is a necessity, not a luxury.

Humour is another part of play for me. It shifts energy very quickly. It lightens everything. No wonder I love to dance like a big cheese ball, hamming it up, being a goof. Dance + humour? C’mon now! That’s the shizzle right there!

So play is not just a doing. It’s also how you are being as you are doing. Play can be involved no matter what you are doing, even in the stuff you don’t like to do.

And the last bit of dolphin advice is about playing together, not by ourselves.

I have been a lone wolf a lot of my life because I believed I had to do everything on my own.

The dolphins and being with such an amazing group of women reminded me that we really are all in this life together and it is way funner to be together, playing and co-creating than it is doing it solo. It’s giving AND receiving.

My invitation to you is to contemplate what play is for you. What makes you feel good? What raises your vibration?

Now go and do/be it every day and watch the magic unf0ld!

And if you are desiring to shift from overwhelm and stress to thriving, book a complimentary thriving breakthrough session with me by clicking here and let’s start infusing more peace and enjoyment into your every day.

Much love,


The Old Ways Aren’t Working Anymore

Have you noticed? I sure have. I see it in my life and in the lives of those around me. The old ways aren’t working anymore.

What do I mean by that?

It means that our habitual default ways of relating with the world and each other aren’t working.

The new high frequency energies that are coming to our planet right now are making it very difficult to keep doing the same ol’ same ol’. The old ways can’t tag along for the ride anymore.

If I allow myself to go into stress mode for very long, my body doesn’t just talk to me. She screams at me. She tells me to stop it in no uncertain terms.

And if I try to force or push or make something happen, it doesn’t work out. It feels hard and heavy and is frustrating as shit!

Now I can keep doing that and keep feeling that way OR I can be curious about what a new way is instead, one that is in more flow and alignment.

I am disengaging from discussions where I’m not being understood instead of trying to prove my point or get someone to get me. It is wasted energy to do that when there isn’t an opening for it to land. And I am doing it with love and compassion for all involved instead of judgement. The old way doesn’t work anymore.

Even how I am relating with people is shifting. I am being asked to be in my heart even more and do what love would do even more.

So my invitation for you is have a look at what isn’t working in your life? What habits, relationships, and perspectives aren’t serving you and are ready to shift?

And are you willing to be curious about what the new way is instead of trying to figure it out? For me, when I get curious without attachment to an outcome, the new way reveals itself to me in perfect divine timing. Just sayin’.

Much love,


Harnessing the Power of Love

Photo by Kelsey Kimmel

It hasn’t been an easy month in the Lane household. My hubby, Tom, injured his back 5 weeks ago and has been in a lot of pain that has prevented him from carrying out functions of daily living, never mind not being able to work. It has been hard to see him in pain physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We’ve been feeling all the feels – sadness, anger, fear, disappointment, frustration but they all circle around to love and compassion.

As I sat on the end of my bed this morning hugging our girls, I felt such love and gratitude for the amazing beings they are and that I get to be their mom.

They have kept me laughing throughout it all and are my inspiration for continuing to remain curious instead of having to know how this is all going to play out.

I know I’m not alone right now in living with big challenges that have cropped up. In speaking with my mentor, Jennifer Hough, she reminded me that the speed of consciousness right now is requiring us to come more and more into alignment, stop carrying others and really take a look at how we are living. What isn’t in alignment is coming up to leave, is asking for changes to be made as we are no longer going to be able to take incongruence along for the ride.

And the more we resist making changes, the bumpier the ride and the more suffering we are going to feel.

I am seeing it all around me – people I know having major challenges; A woman’s husband going to jail and her not knowing how she is going to pay her mortgage despite working 6.5 days per week, people losing their homes to fires, people having loved ones suffer significant injuries in accidents.

It doesn’t minimize my current experience but it does give me perspective and I see what is being asked of us.

We are being asked to harness the strength inside of us, to take our power back and not believe we are victims to life. Life is happening for us and not to us, even if we can’t see it.

The other option is to feel helpless and hopeless and keep asking “why is this happening to me?”. It’s a choice and it is also how we give our power away. It keeps us stuck in the problem instead of moving energy on it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had moments of asking that question and feeling that way. You bet I did. But I didn’t stay in them because I saw very quickly that it was getting me nowhere.

So I felt those feels, let them move through me and then came to a place of calm. I asked “Now what? What is there for me to do?”

What there was for me to do was to take care of my husband and my girls, take care of myself, ask for and receive help from my cosmic helpers and my human friends.

I have asked to be shown my way through this all and I’ve been listening. What has presented is me renewing my physical therapy licence and doing some coverage this summer. What has presented is working on my coaching business and creating offerings that have been asked for for some time now.

I have been getting on my yoga mat every morning and walking in the ravine when I can. I have been connecting with friends because my pattern is to turtle and be a lone wolf when things get tough.

And I’ve not only been listening to my intuition but acting on it. The past few days have really shown me how important it is to do that.

Above it all, I know that we are being taken care of and that I am not given what I can’t handle. I have the strength to do what is needed, whether I want to or not. We all do.

Flow isn’t about life being all unicorns and rainbows. Flow is about moving in the direction that life is guiding you, moving with the universe.

A lot of the time, it isn’t to my ego’s liking and preferences. So it’s not about everything being easy and happy. Of course there are moments when it is.

The totality of being in flow encompasses how you navigate all of what life is bringing to you. It is accepting what comes your way instead of resisting it and then asking “Now what? What is there for me to do? What can I do?”

It is being in co-creation with the universe, each taking reciprocal dance steps one at a time instead of trying to make things happen all on your own and needing to know the 10 steps ahead.

What has helped me the most and kept me in universal flow?


When I feel myself going into control mode or worrying, I say to myself “Come back to your heart”. When I feel frustrated and begin asking “why?” again, I come back to my heart.

Love is always the answer. It is the way.

I often ask my higher levels to help me expand my capacity to receive. This experience has cracked my heart open even more which allows me to both give and receive in a greater way.

It has allowed me to love more of me and at a deeper level than ever before. I am accepting and embracing more of the parts of me that I deemed not ok and not safe to be as a child.

As far as strength goes, love is the most powerful energy there is. As long as love leads the way, fear can’t take hold.

So my learnings over the past month have been about being in my heart even more, listening to my intuition even more, taking care of myself even more and owning my power and strength even more to move through whatever comes my way.

It has been weeks of not knowing how this is all for me and now I finally know why.

Much love,