What has been helping me during this time…

It is quite the time we are currently in. I truly hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Anxieties and fears are running high. Some say that this pandemic of fear is actually worse than the virus itself. Whether that is true or not, what isn’t arguable is that fear is being felt a lot in the collective.

Being an energetically sensitive person, I feel the collective a lot so I am quite shocked that I have been feeling as calm as I have. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my moments but overall, I have been pretty grounded.

So I thought I would share some of the things that I believe have helped me be in this state of relative peace. I realize we are all different and what works for me might not work for you so take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

In addition to using my energy tools multiple times throughout the day to stay centred, grounded and connected, there are 3 other factors that have assisted me.

The first one is acceptance. I have accepted that this virus is here and we have to do what’s necessary to prevent the spread. No, acceptance does not mean that I have to like it. I do not like it but I have accepted that this is our current human reality.

The opposite of acceptance is resistance. There is a fight against what is because we don’t like it and it is a form of protection. The problem with resistance is that it acts like a boulder in a river, impeding the flow, causing turbulence and a feeling of stuckness. Resistance takes us out of universal flow and it feels hard. It shows up in my body as tension and it definitely doesn’t feel good.

Judgement is a form of resistance. Judging this experience, other people and ourselves is trying to protect ourselves in some way and it resists what is. Everyone is doing the best that they can right now and judgement just isn’t helpful.

So acceptance instead of resistance and judgement has helped me feel more at ease.

The second factor that has helped a lot is presence, both being in the present moment and presence with myself and others.

My mentor, Jennifer Hough, has described anxiety as worrying about something happening in the future but feeling as if it is happening now. I have taken my focus off of the future and have really been living day to day right now. I am planning a few things but nothing too far off into the future because at this point, even tomorrow is unknown with how fast things are changing.

Presence with myself has involved checking in with myself multiple times throughout the day. It is taking a pause to see how I’m doing. What do I need? To eat, drink more water, move my body, ground, centre, rest?

Being present with yourself allows you to be more present with your loved ones. It allows us to really listen to understand and be fully with another which deepens our connection to each other.

The third factor is one that I have struggled with a fair bit in my life. I didn’t have a religious or spiritual upbringing and it wasn’t until my Mom passed 17 years ago that I began on my spiritual path. So having faith or trust in a Higher Power, be it God, Universe, Source, is something that I have had to work at.

I am finding myself in such a deeply rooted place of faith and trust in the Divine and my own divinity. I trust that we are being taken care of and guided on our way forward. I can’t tell you why this is at this time, and again, I am kind of surprised by it. One thing I have been doing since January is beginning my day with the mantra “I trust myself and I trust life.” I don’t know if this has been the difference but I thought I would share it with you any way.

And if don’t trust or have faith in a Higher Power, I totally get it. I didn’t for years. This is an amazing time to get curious about it and gather your own evidence. Everyone has a cosmic team made up of angels, ascendant masters etc. You don’t have to know who they are or feel their presence. They are there to help you but you must ask for their assistance. I ask my team to show me the way forward, to show me if I am on the right track. And then look for “synchronicities” and “coincidences” and signs to show up. When they do, keep an evidence log of them so that you can build your own faith that you are receiving divine assistance.

In summary, acceptance, presence and faith have really helped me in this time of great unknown and unchartered territory. The unknown is typically uncomfortable and feels scary. What I do know, is that the unknown is where the magic lies and if we lean in instead of trying to protect ourselves from it, some pretty amazing things can happen. If we stop looking for something to hold onto, stop resisting and instead bob with the flow of the river, our way forward will be with more ease.

I wish you a lot of love and grace over the coming weeks. Be gentle with yourself and others as we each find our way, doing the best that we can. The way through is with open hearts, compassion and acceptance for ourselves and others. That is the vaccination for this pandemic of fear. We will move through this together.

Much love to you,