Difficulty Feeling your Feelings?

Are you having a difficult time being in your body and feeling your feelings?

I completely understand because that was me too.

I remember being in acupuncture class listening to classmates comment on how they could feel the energy flowing along the channels between the needles.

I’m thinking to myself “I don’t feel a fricking thing!”

I didn’t know at the time but I was very disconnected from my body.

I had learned to be in my head and not be in my body. I subconsciously didn’t want to be in my body and feel the pain from a low back disc injury in my early 20’s.

I was also known for being “the rock” that people could rely on for support. Feeling my feelings didn’t fit in that picture.

So I get it.

And…I am now VERY in tune with my body and my emotions and help guide others to connect with theirs.

I’ll also be very honest and say that some days are more difficult than others to feel my emotions depending on what’s happening in my world and what state I’m in.

I had a session with a client last week who had trouble accessing her emotions. We took an indirect root, honouring where she was at and boom…the emotion revealed itself.

Why is it important to be in our bodies and feel our emotions?

Emotions that have not been fully felt and expressed stay in your body causing symptoms, dysfunction and even disease.

They are also how our souls speaks to us and energetically can create stuck places/blockages when not allowed to move through us.

Some emotions have been there since childhood when we suppressed how we were feeling to try and stay safe and loved.

Emotions are the doorway, the entry point for healing and transformation, letting us know that something is out of alignment.

So ya, they are kinda important.

So please know that you absolutely can access your emotions even if your currently having difficulty.

There absolutely is a way and I’d be honoured to be your guide.

Email me and let’s connect or head over to my scheduling calendar and book a complimentary clarity call with me.

How is accessing and being with your emotions going for you?

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