Are you choosing fully?

Fully choose.

As my mentor, Jennifer Hough, says, there are no mistakes, only redirects.

100% commitment is Heaven. 99% is Hell.

Being 100% committed means that you don’t hum and haw about doing something. You just do it without all the questioning.

That 1% is doubt, constantly second guessing yourself. It’s the voice yipping at you to not get it “wrong”. I feel agitated and frenzied just writing it.

It also acts as a potential escape route if things get tough. That’s a good thing, right?


Struggle and suffering is having one foot on either side of the fence.

Choose and then let go of the past and knowing if this is “right” or not.

The magic lies in the not knowing.

Having played the gotta get it right game most of my life, I know this one really well. And well, not being fully in really sucks.

I also know being afraid of choosing and being disappointed, being afraid of being judged or hurt. So I get the hesitation and the procrastination. But in the end, not choosing fully is hurting myself.

Choose with discernment. Listen to your gut. Choose what your heart desires, not the shoulds and have tos.

Be fully in even though all the steps ahead aren’t clear and you may not know the way. The way will reveal itself.

And yes, this something I have to remind myself of often.

Jump and the net will appear.

Scary? You bet.

Worth it? Absolutely.

Much love,


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