What is Self-Abandonment?

Here’s what self-abandonment is for me.

Abandoning myself is when I am abandoning my true nature. It is when I don’t listen to or trust my own knowing, intuition, body, heart.

It is when I make choices motivated by my limiting thoughts and fears instead of making choices that are aligned with what is true for me.

When I perceive being abandoned in my outer world, I look within and am curious about how I am abandoning myself and then choose differently.

Instead of reacting to the perceived abandonment that is showing up in my life and being taken out by it, I see that it is an invitation instead to get quiet, go within and hear what my soul knows and what it is asking from me.

That’s the practice. That’s how I change the pattern.

The abandonment is coming up to leave so I try not to engage with it. I get out of its way and let it leave.

At the root of abandonment is the belief that you are not enough. And when we believe that, we don’t listen to ourselves because the answer must be outside of us. Right?

Nope. Not true.

So abandonment presenting is also an invitation to give myself love and compassion because that little child version of me is believing that she is not enough and is hurting.

Loving ourselves enough to listen to our own knowing is the way.

The answers are there.

Much love,


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