Giving is Never OK at the Cost of Your Wellbeing

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Andrew Koppejan and Maxi Miciak on their Ignite Physio Podcast about Understanding the Cause of Burnout by sharing my journey and what I learned along the way.

This isn’t just for physiotherapists. We see burnout a fair bit in the healthcare professions but it definitely isn’t limited to that space. I have had coaching clients in burnout who were stay at home moms.

Being a parent, a coach, a teacher, a caregiver to parents and other roles have the same underlying thread of us caring and desiring to be of help.

And it’s also for high achievers who are are overwhelmed and exhausted from doing it all and it is costing their health and wellbeing. There is another way.

Here are some points we touch on:

– My description of the stages of my burnout, and the behaviours I’ve had since youth that were causing it.

– Why being out of touch with my body, habitual beliefs, and living with chronic stress resulted in a dysregulated nervous system, and why giving myself full permission to truly rest was needed to regulate it again.

– How engaging in self-care activities won’t matter if your internal beliefs are still driving the behaviours that create burnout.

– Why taking on responsibility for others‘ well-being depleted my energy and led to burnout.

– Understanding the deeper causes of pain, such as headaches and back-pain caused by stress and anxiety.

– How I have changed how I work with patients and coaching clients.

Click here for the link and it is available on iTunes as well under Ignite Physio EP. 52.
If this resonates with you and you want to discuss it further, I’d be happy to do so. Email me at .

And if you are a physiotherapist, I highly recommend checking out Ignite Physio and all the amazing free resources available on their website and subscribing to their podcast on iTunes.

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