This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun….

This month I am focusing on bringing fun into each day with my 30 Days of Fun Challenge and posting the shenanigans on Facebook. It was a suggestion by my coach, Kiva Leatherman. Why?, you may ask. Well, first of all, when you are enjoying yourself, you are raising your vibration. So the higher vibration you are putting out into the world, the more that what returns to you is a match. High vibration out attracts high vibration in.

The main reason though, is because this girl has been unconsciously committed to working hard throughout her life. It is a belief I have carried from childhood that I have to work hard to be worthy of receiving good stuff. Hence, I became a serial achiever, an achievement junkie. And, I know I am not alone.

Now I am at a place in my life where I am aware of that commitment to working hard. It is no longer unconscious and I am not willing to hold on to that commitment anymore. This doesn’t mean I just goof around and sit on my ass all day. I am still going to work. What is different now is how I work and how I feel when I work. My new commitment is to working with more fun and flow instead of it being hard and full of resistance.

So my perspective and commitment have changed AND my deeply ingrained patterns of working hard are still present. These puppies are going to take a little more consciousness to shift. It is such a default pattern of mine to get into the grind and force my way through things. So how do I shift this? Bring in the fun factor!!!!

My two words for this year are fun and flow. I want to experience more fun and flow in my life. I have been working hard a very long time so it is time for something different. My perspective is now on board. I no longer believe that life has to be hard and full of struggle. I believe that we are here to thrive, that abundance is our inherent nature, not the lack energy that I have been stuck in. And it will require some focus to bring that fun and ease into my life, hence the 30 day challenge.

This is not about waiting for fun to show up in your life. That’s how we tend to live life as humans. We react to our circumstances. You may be looking at your life and thinking “things are pretty sucky right now so there is no way I can have fun”. I totally get it AND this is about shifting from reaction to creation. Believe me, it feels SOOOO much better when I am in creation instead of reaction and what show up in my life is exponentially better!

I am starting every day with the question “How can I infuse more fun into my day today?” Not only is it about doing activities that I enjoy and that light me up but it is also about infusing fun into the mundane things too. How can I have more fun making meals? How can I have more fun cleaning my office? How can I have more fun in the morning getting my kids ready for school instead of the battles and frayed nerves? (All you parents out there KNOW what I am taking about!) Is it putting on great music and busting out the moves? Is it making a game of cleaning up? Is it doing some laughter yoga?

During work time, what can I create in my business that I am stoked about and serves others? And if it starts to feel like hard work, I get up and move. I do something that gets me feeling great again. I sit with the question “how can I make this easier?” and ┬áthen get back into the flow of work with fresh eyes and higher energy.

And, it’s not just about feeling and acting differently. It isn’t about changing things on the outside only. That isn’t very sustainable. What creates lasting change is shifting your inner world. It’s looking at what is in alignment with fun and what is not, inside of you. It is clearing and shifting deep seated beliefs and thoughts living in your subconscious mind that are in the way of you having fun. Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world so if you want to experience more fun in your life, shift internally AND take inspired actions externally.

This applies to anything. Just replace the word “fun” with what you want to experience – peace, joy, love, support, acceptance. What in your internal world is in the way of you experiencing what you want to feel? It can be as easy as deciding that you are done with hard work and want more fun instead, like me. It starts with the decision to commit to something different for yourself. Start making the changes you want in your life and as roadblocks (resistances) show up, inquire internally what needs to shift in order to get back into flow. There are very simple energy tools that make such a tremendous difference in how you feel. I am a testament to that. And anyone can learn them.

Are you desiring more ease, peace, love, joy, confidence, etc. in your life? I invite you to take your own 30 day challenge and consciously start infusing these qualities into your day. And if you would love to experience the energy tools that can shift your inner world quickly and easily, stay tuned because I have such a fun and yummy creation being offered soon.

Let me know what you would like to experience more of in your life and let’s do this shift together! Start your 30 Days of _____ Challenge today!

Until next time,

Much love,




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