Stepping Into Your Greatness


When I realized the gift that I am


Did you know that there is a reason you are here on this planet?

Often people refer to this as your purpose and then spend so much time in search of that purpose.

I did, for sure.

And then I realized that my purpose and your purpose is to be the gift that we are, to be all of the truth of who we really are.

Then from that place, we get to do some really cool shit.

The crazy thing is that you have always been the gift that you are, you just didn’t realize it.

What the heck am I talking about when I say the gift that you are?

YOU, in your uniqueness, is the gift.

You have a unique Essence, skills and character traits that are like no other.

The gift that you are is different from the gift that I am.

I remember the moment when I realized I was a gift. I was sitting around a table with 13 other souls on retreat with Jennifer Hough and the Wide Awakening.

Everyone around that table saw the gift that I am. It took an immense amount of effort to get me to see it.

Why? Because I didn’t believe that the gift that I was was very special.

I have a huge heart and an immense capacity to love. I feel A LOT which allows me to love the way I do.

I thought everybody loves the way I do because it comes so naturally to me. I didn’t think it was a thing and therefore not very special.

So when I asked “doesn’t everyone love like I do?” the response I received was a resounding “NO!!!!!!”

This literally has changed my life. It has allowed me to relax into my beingness and stop trying to prove that I am enough. I am already the gift.

Just being me is enough. Period. And it’s what I am here to be and so are you.

I know that when shit is going sideways, I am not in my heart or being the love that I am. I am back listening to my Ego instead of my Truth and believing in my limitedness.

Talk about great feedback!

So back to the gift you are.

If you don’t know what your uniqueness is, start by having a look at what comes to you so easily that you don’t even think it is a thing. What do others compliment you on? What could you do all day, every day even if you didn’t get paid for it? What lights you up and feels amazeballs?

Start asking yourself these questions and also ask GUS (God/Universe/Source) to show you the gift that you are.

If you do know the gift that you are, are you being it fully or are you guarding yourself in some way?

I just had the realization this week that I am guarding myself from being all of me. Why? Because being all of me is kinda out there and I know that there are some who are going to think I am some kind of freak.

But I also know that not being that fully is hurting me. It’s literally showing up as pain, tension and dysfunction in my body. It’s blocking my capacity to give and receive. It’s blocking abundance. It’s limiting the magic that is possible. And if Glenda the Good Witch is saying it, it’s got to be true:)

I’m being shown how to be all of my galactic witchy self. I am being shown how to bring the love that I know to be possible in other dimensions through to this 3D one.

I’m being shown, one step at a time.

Are you ready to embrace your greatness? If you don’t, your soul will speak to you through body pain, tension, dysfunction and disease, telling you that you are not in alignment with your Truth.

If you do, It will change your life and allow abundance to flow even more. When you are aligned with the truth of who you are, that’s what happens.

Do you feel like you are meant for more? Listen to that feeling. It’s telling you that you are. And the way is being the gift that you are.

It’s time. The world needs you.

If you’re ready and you want guidance in being your true self, you don’t have to do it alone. Assisting people being their true selves in my jam. It is part of the gift that I am. Contact me at and let’s chat.

Much love,


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