Dolphin Wisdom



Did you know that dolphins are one of the most intelligent beings on the planet?

And they are also highly intuitive and closely in tune with  their instincts.

What are one of the most intelligent and highly intuitive beings experts at?


I am freshly back from a retreat in Mexico with my Wings family (The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough) and felt drawn to share the dolphin medicine I received on my trip.

There were dolphins close to where we were staying and we were to spend some time with then and see what messages they had for us.

Here’s what they said to me:

“You haven’t forgotten how to play. Connection is play for you. Playing together is more fun.”

Dolphins know how important and necessary play is. It’s not just something you do every now and then or just on the weekends. Their days are infused with play.

For me, I’ve been a studious and serious gal a lot of my life, trying to get things right. So PLAY was a 4 letter word for me. It triggered me and my ego would tell me that I didn’t know how to play, only work hard, which keeps you in survival mode instead of enjoying your life.

And I was definitely in survival mode prior to my trip. My body was giving me all the signs that I was relating to my situation incongruently. I hurt my lower back a week before my trip and then got “sick” on my way to Mexico. I definitely wasn’t in my heart and I definitely wasn’t playing. I had forgotten and allowed my external environment to dictate my feelings and actions.

So the dolphin’s wisdom for me definitely hit home.

My perspective of play was also out of alignment. What I realized while away is what play actually is for me – CONNECTION. It’s connection with humans and with my cosmic friends.

Since I’ve been back home, I have also realized that play isn’t just something I “do”. It is also a frequency that I can infuse into all that I do.

I can infuse play into my work, into my family life, into tending to my home, into conversations with people…

Play is more about how I am feeling. Play raises my vibration, increases my frequency.

Your frequency creates your reality. So if your frequency creates your reality and play increases your frequency, can you see how important it is to infuse play into every day?

I now realize that it is non-negotiable for me. Play is a necessity, not a luxury.

Humour is another part of play for me. It shifts energy very quickly. It lightens everything. No wonder I love to dance like a big cheese ball, hamming it up, being a goof. Dance + humour? C’mon now! That’s the shizzle right there!

So play is not just a doing. It’s also how you are being as you are doing. Play can be involved no matter what you are doing, even in the stuff you don’t like to do.

And the last bit of dolphin advice is about playing together, not by ourselves.

I have been a lone wolf a lot of my life because I believed I had to do everything on my own.

The dolphins and being with such an amazing group of women reminded me that we really are all in this life together and it is way funner to be together, playing and co-creating than it is doing it solo. It’s giving AND receiving.

My invitation to you is to contemplate what play is for you. What makes you feel good? What raises your vibration?

Now go and do/be it every day and watch the magic unf0ld!

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Much love,


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