The Old Ways Aren’t Working Anymore

Have you noticed? I sure have. I see it in my life and in the lives of those around me. The old ways aren’t working anymore.

What do I mean by that?

It means that our habitual default ways of relating with the world and each other aren’t working.

The new high frequency energies that are coming to our planet right now are making it very difficult to keep doing the same ol’ same ol’. The old ways can’t tag along for the ride anymore.

If I allow myself to go into stress mode for very long, my body doesn’t just talk to me. She screams at me. She tells me to stop it in no uncertain terms.

And if I try to force or push or make something happen, it doesn’t work out. It feels hard and heavy and is frustrating as shit!

Now I can keep doing that and keep feeling that way OR I can be curious about what a new way is instead, one that is in more flow and alignment.

I am disengaging from discussions where I’m not being understood instead of trying to prove my point or get someone to get me. It is wasted energy to do that when there isn’t an opening for it to land. And I am doing it with love and compassion for all involved instead of judgement. The old way doesn’t work anymore.

Even how I am relating with people is shifting. I am being asked to be in my heart even more and do what love would do even more.

So my invitation for you is have a look at what isn’t working in your life? What habits, relationships, and perspectives aren’t serving you and are ready to shift?

And are you willing to be curious about what the new way is instead of trying to figure it out? For me, when I get curious without attachment to an outcome, the new way reveals itself to me in perfect divine timing. Just sayin’.

Much love,


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