My Word for 2019…It’s an Unusual One

Every January, I like to choose a word or a theme for the upcoming year. Sometimes the word comes to me right away and sometimes it takes some contemplation. I have even changed it a few times and allowed my journey forward to choose it for me.

This year, my word is soften. It’s not a commonly chosen word like abundance, love, success etc. but it means a lot to me.

I chose soften because it is what I desire to do more of and it acts as a reminder.

When I am in survival mode, engaging in my protective mechanisms trying to stay safe and not get hurt, it is like I put protective armour on and there is a rigidity to me.

It shows up in my body as tension in my muscles (and pain) and in my mind as seriousness and rigidity in my thinking (tunnel vision). I am in fear and fight or flight.

Soften reminds me to shift from survival mode into thriving.

It reminds me to breathe.

It reminds me to drop out of my head and into my heart.

It reminds me to let go of the seriousness and to enjoy myself and play instead.

It reminds me to accept what is and allow myself to be given to.

One of the things people often don’t realize is that when you pick a word, not only will you be shown where you are that or you have that, you will also be shown where you are not being that.

In my case, I will be shown the places where I am softening and allowing myself to soften AND I will also be shown the places I am being asked to soften more.

A few years ago, I picked the word “flow”. When I got to the end of the year, I said “What the hell? That was so NOT a year of flow!”

And then I realized that I was being shown where I was not in flow and was being asked to choose differently in order for more flow to be present. (There were also experiences of beautiful flow as well but I had forgotten as all I could see was the apparent lack of flow!)

So do be careful with what you ask for because you will be given it!

We are not even 2 weeks into the year and I have already been shown where I was being rigid and softening was being asked of me. I got the memo pretty quickly so I didn’t stay in suckville very long and I am very grateful for the wisdom I gained by asking my higher levels and the universe for help, by slowing down and paying attention to what showed up and then for taking the steps that helped me soften.

It was proof that we are constantly being supported and we just need to be aware and ask for help.

I invite you to contemplate what you desire more of in choosing your word for this year, realizing that you may be asked to make changes in order to receive it.

Much love,