December – a Month of Completing Cycles

I held my monthly activation circle this morning. Starting a few days before each circle, the energies begin to gather and move and I feel the effects of them.

Yesterday, I began feeling very vulnerable and shed some tears as the energies moved through me. I knew this circle was going to be about completing cycles before the end of 2018 and my body and heart were beginning to release what isn’t in alignment. It wasn’t just this circle that was affecting me energetically. It was the fact that we are about to be complete with this year as we move into 2019.

December in general is a month of endings, not of creating new so trying to begin a new cycle in December goes against the universal flow of energy and will be met with some resistance.

I love new beginnings but will admit I have a harder time with completions of cycles. Because of that, I have a tendency to jump into the new without fully completing the old cycles because they have lost their sparkle. Who wants to stick around with the old of 2018 when the shiny newness of 2019 is waiting to begin?

The problem with not completing cycles though, is that we will take with us what isn’t completed into the new cycle. It’s like we carry the baggage of what has been left undone and that muddies and dilutes the energy we bring to our new endeavours.

So as much as I prefer not to, I am in contemplation mode of what is yet to be completed. What has been left unsaid? What has been left undone? Where is there dissonance or discord? What feels out of alignment for me?

A clue to what these uncompleted things may be is that they have likely been in your face this past month of December. That’s what tends to happen as we approach the ending of a year. We are literally being assisted by the universe in seeing what has not been finished, forgiven, let go of, shifted and transmuted.¬†It knows these things that are not aligned with the trajectory we are on based on what we asked for and it is assisting us by showing us, in a not so subtle way, what still needs to be addressed.

It is the time, as uncomfortable is it may be, to make the changes that will bring your life into more alignment. So I invite you to take a moment to relax and sit and look at what is being asked for you to become aware of and is acting as a catalyst for change. What has been up for you this past year? What pattern, limiting belief, stuck emotion, perspective, protective habits, inauthentic ways of being have been coming into your awareness and are up to leave? Ask what steps need to be taken in order for the change to occur. The key is to act on these steps as inaction will just cause more dis-ease in your system. So even though looking at this stuff isn’t always comfortable, it will become even more uncomfortable to not look at it and carry the heaviness with you into 2019.

Then we can move forward into 2019 with more of the fullness of who we are, more from our Souls’ Essence instead of what isn’t us. And that is when magic happens!

Happy New Year! Happy 2019! May it be the year you embrace your essence, live your truth and love your life!!!!!!

Much love,