An Energetic Clearing With Light Language for Co-dependence

Have you ever felt the need to be needed by someone? I have and I wasn’t aware of it for such a long time. To be needed made me feel significant and wanted, like I mattered and was important.

Now I feel that way just as I am, without someone needing me although I do have my moments where my ego wants to be recognized and validated because I am human after all.

There is such a sense of freedom though when I am good within myself regardless of my environment. I feel like the sovereign being that I am instead of relying on validation from another person.

Watch the video below as Arica X Dale and I engage in an energetic clearing of the pattern of co-dependence with a light language transmission to help activate it at a cellular level. You may not even be aware of whether you have this co-dependence pattern until you hear some real life examples.

Freedom from within awaits you!

Much love,