Being Responsible for Your Energy

I was watching Oprah’s life class last night and something she said has stuck with me a lot today. She said “You are responsible for the energy that you bring into the room.” This is not new to me as I am very familiar with energy and the effects that it has through working with my clients. What it did do is had me reflect on my recent life and how this has played out. Even though I know the effects of energy, I am not perfect in how I handle the energy I am putting out all the time.

I especially notice the effects my energy has on my children. Kids are like little energy sponges and they are very in tune with energy that surrounds them. One of my mentors said “Energy is a baby’s first language.” There is a reason why parenting experts advise that electronics should be avoided in the hour before bedtime. The energy from them gets kids’ nervous systems revved up and it is more difficult for them to fall asleep. If I have let my girls watch too much t.v. during the day, they are much more irritable and far more prone to poor behaviour. Getting outside in nature changes their energy immensely. It grounds them and their improved mood and behaviour is proof of that every time. Same goes for me.

Recently, I started ¬†meditating daily and doing yoga again. The change in the energy I am giving is reflected in my girls’ behaviour. They are calmer and have fewer tantrums. The fights between them don’t escalate as much and they ¬†are able to settle themselves faster. I am not as irritable and am able to stay grounded when emotions are high. I am also able to be more present with them, which they love and it is so worth it when they say to me “you are the bestest mommy ever”.

It is a different story when I am caught up in my mind chatter and disconnected from my heart and intuition. I am easily irritated, uninspired, unmotivated and basically blah! I have a shorter fuse and tend to yell more at my kids (not very proud of that!). I am giving off negative energy into the room and my kids are affected by it. They start acting out, I get angry and frustrated which causes them to act out more and the cycle continues.

What I haven’t given a lot of attention to is asking others to be responsible for their energy that they are bringing into the room. I don’t think there are too many people that enjoy being in the same room with someone who is very negative. When my four year old is having a foul mood moment and is taking it out on her sister, I tell her that she can go into a different room until she changes her mood and then she can come back and be with us. I have taught her to take some deep breaths and release her emotions in a way that doesn’t hurt herself or others (we hit a lot of pillows in our house!). She is learning to calm herself and make the decision to change her own energy. It empowers her to know that she is responsible for her own energy and that she can change it if she chooses. I must say that I haven’t asked too many adults to be responsible for their own energy but I don’t see why not. Will have to see how it goes as I am sure an opportunity will present itself now that I have put it out there. It boils down to this – how much do I value the energy that I surround myself with? I certainly think I can do a better job of being aware of the energy I am giving off as well as the energy I am letting into my space. It is worth it!