How I Manifested My Husband

Manifested my husband??? Yep, and I will tell you how.

I don’t know that I have told this story in its entirety but it is coming up for me so here it is.

It was late in the summer of 2006. I had spent the summer casually dating a guy, which I had never done before. In the past, I tended to have longer relationships with time in between.

My dad and I then flew to France in September for a two week cycling trip with a cycle tour company. It was on this trip that I met Richard, one of the tour guides.

He was awesome and I REALLY liked him. We had a lot in common and I truly enjoyed hanging out with him. I hadn’t felt this way about a guy in quite a while.

AND he had just got ENGAGED right before our trip!!!!!


Why on earth would I end up meeting a guy that I really like when he isn’t even available?

I was thinking about this question on the flight home when my dad turned to me and said “Do you see yourself married to someone like Richard?”

It kind of blew me away that he asked me that but my answer was “yes”.

And then I got the answer to why I had met Richard. It was to point out that what I had with casual dude was not what I wanted and that there are guys like Richard out there.

I came home and began a daily morning practice. I would wake up, meditate, review my goals, read a personal growth book of some description, and workout out on my bike trainer while listening to a Course in Miracles.

These were my goals:

1. I will meet my soul mate by January 2007.

2. I will be engaged by January 2007.

3. I will be married by January 2008.

Engaged within 3 months? Yep.

I had also made a list of all the qualities I wanted my partner to have. I think there were 52 points on that list. I read that list every day and celebrated seeing those qualities in whoever I had met that day.

I had been doing this practice for about a week when in my meditation, I received a message to call Tom.

I had met Tom 5 years before at Kinsmen Sports Centre Physical Therapy Clinic. He had been a patient of mine. We had a lot in common, both loving cycling and cross-country skiing and I really enjoyed chatting to him.

When we first met, the thought of dating him never even entered my head. He was a patient, he had a girlfriend and we were at different places in our lives at that time as he is 6 years younger than me.

So over the years, because he is a massage therapist, we had referred patients to one another who needed treatment. Other than that, we really didn’t have any contact with one another.

You can imagine I was a little surprised when I got the nudge to call him. I had no idea if he was seeing anyone at the time. I called him and invited him for coffee to see my pics from my cycling trip.

So we met and had a 4 hour coffee date! We closed the place down. I had ended things with casual dude and he wasn’t seeing anyone either.

Over the next month of October, we had 3 more dates – a yoga class (where we were the only 2 in the class), a lecture and an impromptu dinner after seeing each other at a ski sale.

And then right before my birthday on November 10, he asked me to marry him. I said “yes” without hesitation.

All through our courtship, short as it was, I had this deep sense of peace, a deep knowing that he was the one for me. Even though it had all happened so quickly, I felt the truth of us being together.

Here’s a funny side note: Tom’s parents had left for a 2 month trip to New Zealand and Australia before we started dating and they returned after we got engaged. The first time I met them, they had just returned home and we told them we were getting married. How’s that for a homecoming?

If you are keeping track of the timing, I met Tom at the end of September 2006, got engaged in November 2006 and we had our wedding in September of 2007.

My wedding day was truly the happiest day of my life. Everything flowed and happened with ease and I felt so much love for everyone. I couldn’t stop smiling all day.

There truly hasn’t been a single moment when I have wondered whether or not I made the right decision marrying him. We’ve been married almost 9 years now and we are still going strong.

Now, you can look at this story and say it is just coincidence and that I just got “lucky”.

OR you could believe that it was the goals that made it happen and that goal setting is the way. I used to believe this to be true but they are only part of the equation.

Now what I know to be true is that it was the energetic vibrational frequency I was emitting. This vibration was created by becoming clear about my desires, believing my desires could come true and by being in a state of love and expansion. I then took the inspired action of calling him.

I called him to me through my vibrational frequency. I magnetized him. I manifested him.

He was a match to the vibrational frequency that I was emitting. And he manifested me in his life. Like attracts like.

I am not telling you this story today to brag in any way. I am telling this story to provide an example of what powerful creators we all are. We are creating and manifesting all the time.

Yes, ALL the time.

A lot of the time, 96% in fact, we are creating subconsciously. Only 4% of what we create is a result of our conscious minds. So if we are creating all the time, why not create consciously?

Why not put our attention and focus on what we truly desire? Why not actually allow ourselves to dream and become clear about our desires in the first place?

Then believe they can happen. And if anything is getting in the way of believing, instead of ignoring it or pushing it aside, face it and look it in the eyes. BE with your fears. Shine a light on them so they can transform. Ignoring them does not get rid of them. They will still run the show and create your world.

The lives that we experience are a result of the lense we look through. We see what we believe, consciously or subconsciously.
If you don’t like what you are looking at, what are you believing that is creating your results?

It’s a great place to start.

And if you are desiring to be free of your story, be free of your unknown and known limiting beliefs, I am here to be of service.

It is my mission to help people free themselves so they can truly thrive and love their lives.

My hope is that telling my story has ignited the spark in you that knows your Truth, that is ready to come out of hiding and shine.

And if this story has triggered you in any way, pissed you off or made you feel sad, I love you and let’s talk.

Much love,