Do You Trust Your Own Knowing?

The other week, I had conversations with two beautiful women about the spiritual community they had come to know.

One woman said she was so tired of being told by spiritual healers what she should be feeling, what she needs to heal and what her truth is.

And my other friend said that she realizes that she had put spiritual mentors up on a pedestal, stopped trusting herself and deferred to the wisdom of others.

Hearing from both of them set me on fire…

…because that had been my experience too.

I used to feel that I was broken and needed fixing. If only I could just heal what was broken. If only I could find the person with the answers for me.

I put my mentors up on a pedestal and thought that they’d have the answers for me and when that didn’t work, I thought it must be because there was something wrong with me.

I felt lost so why the heck would I trust myself when I couldn’t feel connected to myself or my divinity?

Then I met Jennifer Hough.

She helped me see that I am whole and complete, not broken and in need of fixing.

I didn’t have to heal all my “wounds” before I could begin thriving.

And every time I put her on a pedestal and handed my power over to her, she lovingly handed it right back.

“I am not your guru Glenda. We are side by side on this journey” she said to me.

She helped me come into my heart more and trust my own knowing.

I began to see how I had been in my ego with my coaching clients in the past when I allowed them to put me on a pedestal. My ego loved it! And it was a disservice to all involved.

Now I trust my own knowing and I trust the knowing of my clients. I call myself a guide because I really see my role is to assist in guiding people to their own answers, their own truth.

It is also my job to gently hand back people’s power to them when they inadvertently try to give it to me, reminding them that they are all powerful beings who are whole and complete.

And it’s my job to serve them, not save them. They don’t need saving. No one does.

Mentors have been such a gift in my life. They have helped me learn and evolve and it has been way more fun to do it with someone.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Being a guide is my passion, assisting people to remember themselves and be in connection with their own knowing.

That is my love. And we do it being the whole and complete souls that we are.

Much love,