End of a cycle – Pause – New beginning

This week’s blog is addressing what is up for me at the moment. I am in the final week of a 9 month journey called Magik School where I have dived deep into my myself being held and guided by a group of amazing Sisters to clear what is not me and is not mine to hold onto. The emotions I am feeling are all over the map and I am allowing myself to feel each one of them. This is not easy for me as I realize how I have shielded myself from fully feeling for many years.

So this week’s video is about endings and beginnings and the in between.

Much love,




Feel the fear, give yourself relief, and then do it anyway

This week I’ve been feeling anxious, wired and out of sorts. I have a ton of tension in my neck and back and had a wicked headache to start the week off. I checked in with myself to see what is going on in me that could be causing this.
The answer is change. I am doing a whole foods cleanse starting this week so my body is wondering what the heck is going on. I’m also taking the next steps in my expanding my coaching business. It’s the unknown, the unfamiliar and my system is responding in a way to “keep me safe”.
So I have two choices. I could suffer through feeling awful and keep pushing through to get things done OR I can move forward it a way that feels good to me. Hmmm…. let me see. I think I choose option number 2.

Watch here to see how I do it.